Do one good thing today

Today the sun is shining in France. There are people on the beach, on boats, on yachting festival, on cafés, restaurants, at home, a hotels,, walking in the mountains, sitting in a car, on a train, running, eating, training, loving... Together with friends or alone enjoying another day in there lives... The same goes for everywhere, the world is filled with people doing normal Saturday stuff and still...

Still I'm so filled with sadness today cause when I was sitting here in the sand by the sea I started thinking about all thats going on right now. And then I think of innocent people running in fear in Burma - trying to escape the killers and haters who want to erase them just for who they are, what they believe. I think of innocent people going on the metro in London while some crazy killer person place a bomb there to hurt and kill. I think of a terrible regime in North Korea sending up robots to show the world there capacity of mass destruction and kill. I see military train, together with several countries, to stop an attack of foreign enemies. I feel with people living in the area and reach of North Korea that in this very moment are probably terrified of what can come. I think with fear of what the response can be from US. I think of gang structures recruiting young men and women to do crime, to shoot and kill - stealing there possibility of a beautiful future. I see people running from war, from hate, from poverty and hunger. I see people fight over religion, differences and intolerance. I see a fragile earth that we step by step are tearing down.

And I wonder, why? The world is enough for all of us if we just take good care of it. If we start to love and protect each other we have a chance. Why do we let all this violence keep going? What do we do? In my life I have people with so different views of live, different life styles and goals and I respect all of them. I try to everyday stretch out my way of see and experience things. I search to understand the people I meet and might meet. I work with my own weaknesses and thinking to overcome them. I want to be 100 % tolerant and open minded. I want to protect my empathy and caring for others. I want to stand up for everyones way of live, religion and believes - as long as they do the same and are not hurting nobody. If we all take a moment to think about this. Could we then really go on accepting all the shit that goes down? No we can't.

So this Saturday will go on, people will do what they do - but what do you say we all start with this: Do one good thing towards someone else, towards another person. One good thing from each of us will be a great start. And no, Im not naive thinking that a small thing can make a big change. But I do know that if real change in human behavior is to come it has to start from us. The power of words are huge, the power of acting makes the difference.

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