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Thoughts on everyday behavior

What on earth are we doing? How did we people become so cold towards each other? When did it become okay to act so selfish that we force ourselves in to the life of others with sweet talk and false behavior only to end up leaving broken pieces, sadness and confusion behind?

 When did lies and false acting become accepted by us? Just because it’s not illegal by law and it won’t lead to jail or public punishment ... it doesn’t mean it’s right. Or is it?
And how far/hard should we be allowed to hurt the people around us? Loved ones, friends, our children? 

I see this everyday. I here the stories. I meet the people, my friends who got hurt. But also friends who hurt others.  I listen and I try to advice. I try to support and be supported. I lived them too and I got hurt by people I decided to trust. But I’m no saint, I’m guilty as well. Guilty of acting before thinking, guilty of stop caring to easily, guilty of saying hurtful things and not being there enough, guilty of trusting where no tr…

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